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My Story

After 35 years as a corporate professional, I reflected back on what I enjoyed most about my career, and there was a lot!  Mainly because I constantly learned, listened, helped with solutions, built skills and knowledge and helped improve the quality of life of my workplace and my colleagues.   I gave considerable thought while I transitioned to activities that are more spiritually and healing based.  I have practiced it on myself for years without actually knowing it until Reiki found me, and over the years I have received Reiki treatment from others and I got wonderful results each time.  

Once Reiki found me, my health and mood improved.  I lost 10 pounds.  I treat myself with Reiki daily.  I've treated family, friends, neighbors, pretty much anyone who would be still for awhile (no easy thing for a lot of people) and practiced, volunteered and found that each time I performed Reiki, whatever was bothering the person improved, usually within a few days.  And without exception, everyone commented they were very relaxed, lighter and felt the experience was warming and positive.  

People's pets were, predictably, silent regarding their results.

 I earned my Level I and Level II and Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Tibetan Reiki Grand Master Certifications and started Reiki Sage so that I can share the sacred healing power of Reiki with you, thereby improving the quality of your life. 

With Warm Regards, Mo